somewhere over the midwest is this meandering river in a sea of red dirt.


    My name is Kris and I'm an outdoors photographer.

    I began "serious" photography in the mid-80s when my mom so generously bought me my first SLR; an Olympus OM-G. Shortly thereafter I started working in a photo store and after much deliberation and playing with every camera we stocked, I chose to stick with Olympus. I have most of my legacy glass as well as two digital bodies. My daily shooter was an E-30 and the ZD 12-60mm f2.8-4 zoom lens, a truly terrific combination, but I often work in legacy Olympus Zuiko lenses as well. My favorites are the 35mm f2 and the 90mm f2 macro.

    Update - I still use my 90mm macro. A lot. But I've upgraded to a Panasonic Lumix GH3. It's even nicer to work with in the field than the E-30 and being years newer, has improved IQ as well.

    I shoot mostly nature and have begun to specialize in woodlands. I am pursuing and developing the art of the microscape and you can find those images in the Landscapes gallery. I have a love (possible mania) for old cemeteries and abandoned places, too. My goal is to be a more deliberate and thoughtful photographer; to not just take a photograph, but to make a photograph.

    Positive, constructive and polite comments always welcomed. The internet feels like a black hole sometimes and comments pull me back from the brink.